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How to Install a Ceiling Fan

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ceiling fans in remodeling projects - Design Build Planners (1)How to Install a Ceiling Fan

It has always been the affordable option to install a ceiling fan as a home-cooling system. The following steps will show you how to replace an old light fixture with a ceiling fan and light in a room without an attic above. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to run a new wire; the fan connects to the existing cable of the old light.

It is important to note that electrical boxes used for ceiling lights are not as strong as those used for ceiling fans. Replace the existing electrical box with one designed to support ceiling fans.

NOTE: You may consider consulting with and/or hiring a licensed electrician for this task, especially if you are insure of something or existing house conditions are not typical and straight forward.

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Ceiling Fans for Your Remodeling Project

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ceiling fan for your remodeling project Design Build Planners (1)Ceiling fans first appeared in the United States during the late 1800’s. In the beginning, to run the fans, a stream of water turned a turbine which turned a belt. The belt turning would turn the two fan blades.

In 1882, Philip Dieli invented the first ceiling fan that was powered by a motor. He used the same engine that was used to power the Singer Sewing Machine. By the time, the First World War started most fans were equipped with four blades. More blades on the fan caused it to circulate more air. The fan was also quieter than they were when the fan had two blades. Continue reading