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Using Homeowner Supplied Materials

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Using Homeowner Supplied Materials Using Homeowner Supplied Materials for Your Project-Design Build PlannersHomeowner purchased supplies are not uncommon in home remodeling projects. A homeowner will sometimes choose to go this route in order to avoid a markup from the contractor that they choose to work with. In addition, some homeowners just enjoy the experience of shopping for the products as it means a feeling of greater control over the job. Homeowner purchased supplies also have some benefit to the contractor. First, costs are reduced as the contractor does not have to procure the supplies. Further, time is saved as the contractor doesn’t have to spend time shopping. However, there is a potential fall back to using homeowner purchased supplies. Continue reading

New Jersey Home Renovation Experts Answer Your Top 3 FAQs

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New Jersey Home Renovation Pros NJWhen people are preparing to do a home renovation in NJ, they often have a lot of questions before they feel comfortable getting started. Luckily for them, most people end up having the same types of questions, so it’s much easier to address them generally. We got together with some of the top New Jersey home remodeling experts and asked them about some of the most commonly heard questions that we get when it comes to home remodeling.  Of course the Design Build Planners will always answer your specific questions as well.  If you would like, schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call with one of us today.

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