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Contemporary and Modern Style Homes

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Architecture: Contemporary and Modern Style Homes


Some people tend to get these two homes confused. These are two different styles of homes. The modern style house became famous in the 1800’s while it wasn’t until the 1970’s before the contemporary style became popular. Modern Style Homes were designed by the Germans. The Contemporary Style Homes originated in France.

There are many differences between the two forms. The difference is easy to recognize once you know what to look for. Modern Style Homes have more natural color to them while Contemporary Style Homes have many different colors to them making them more extreme.

There are also similarities between the two styles and these similarities are what makes people get them confused. Both homes are simple but elegant homes. They have an open floor plan and are not cluttered like some of the other styles. Contemporary architecture came from modern architecture.

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Case Study – Kitchen and Bathroom Transformation in NJ

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“It turned out even nicer than we ever could have thought.”

Join Design Build Planners on our journey of transforming a kitchen and bathroom for thrilled empty-nesters.

NJ Kitchen Design Build Contractor - DBP

Watchung, New Jersey homeowners Ben and Sandie have a great home on a beautiful piece of property, but they were ready to make some changes to the outdated and cramped kitchen and bathroom. Continue reading

Contemporary Interior Design

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Contemporary Interior Design

comfortable living room interiorHow you decorate speaks volumes about your personality. For those bold individuals who show their personality to the world, contemporary interior design may be a great way for them to celebrate the way that they live their life. Trendy, comfortable, bright and bold. Continue reading

What is Transitional Design?

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Transitional Design (1)-Design Build PlannersWhat is Transitional Design?

Transitional design is when two design types, contemporary and traditional come together to create a look that is timeless yet classic. The furnishings in a room that is transitionally designed tend to be simple (no fuss) and have profiles that are rounded or straight.

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Selecting a Coffee Maker for Your Kitchen

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For many people, the first task performed every morning is the act of making coffee.

versare il caffè caldo nella tazzina biancaEven if you are personally not a coffee drinker, chances are your partner (or, at minimum) someone you know is! And, if straight black coffee is not your thing, then perhaps espresso or French Press is more to your liking? It’s clear that choosing the right coffee maker for your newly remodeled kitchen is a big decision.

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