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Basement Finishing and Remodeling

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New Jersey basement remodeling from the Design Build Planners contractor network Basement Finishing and Remodeling

Many people think that a basement finishing project is easy…some 2x4s, drywall, flooring and a few lights. There are actually several factors that can make a basement project much more extensive.

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Permacast Columns for Remodeling Projects

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Permacast Columns for Remodeling Projects (1)-Design Build PlannersPermacast Columns for Remodeling Projects

Permacast columns are a great addition to the interior or exterior of a house. Not only do they add a visual elegance and beauty, but they also maintain structural authenticity. For some houses, permacast columns can also maintain the historical accuracy of the structure. Permacast columns can be round or square in shape.


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Interior Wall Removal in Remodeling

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Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (1)A popular design request of the Design Build Planners for a remodeling project is to remove an interior wall to create an open floor plan. Most typically it is around the kitchen area, but can be for any combination of rooms. The actual space gained is minimal, generally representing less than six inches by the length of the wall to be removed. However, the newly defined space often looks and feels much larger. Additionally, furniture can be spread out more, even encroaching on the adjacent room once the wall barrier has been removed. Continue reading

Stone Exterior Adds Color, Accent, and Style to a Home

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Stone, whether natural or veneer, is a popular way to add texture, pattern and interest to a home’s exterior. But have you ever thought of using stone details as a jumping-off point for a home’s exterior color palette? Maybe you should.

Since stone has a natural aesthetic, color schemes derived from it tend to be easy and noncoerced. Whether neutral or colorful, these schemes can work on nearly any style of home. Take color cues from the stones themselves or from grout. Restrict your palette to two or three colors for a polished effect. Use contrasting trim to offset architectural details. Continue reading

Porch Designs and Furniture Ideas

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Planning a porch design is more than just structure, columns, and roof lines. Collectively, considerations must be given to lifestyle. How and when will the porch be used. Will the gatherings be intimate or entertaining. Perhaps flexibility of use is key.

Enjoy these porch photos from houzz.com and see how they have been decorated and furnished. Which is your favorite? Which would be serve the needs of your family? Continue reading