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Colonial Style Home

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Architecture: Colonial Style Home

Colonial Style Home - Design Build PlannersHistory

The Colonial Style Home was influenced by European designs. The style began in the 1600’s in Europe. The settlers brought the design to the United States in the 1700’s. These homes were first built as two-story homes. They had a room on each floor. As years passed, they started being four-on-four. Four-on-four referred to a number of rooms in the house. These homes then featured four rooms on each floor instead of two rooms. When the design came to the United States, different features were added and taken away to withstand the climate in that area.

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Oil-Rubbed Bronze Appliances Add Warmth to a Colonial Kitchen Design

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When I am asked to design a kitchen, I am asked to incorporate all sorts of ideas, colors, and cool kitchen gadgets and appliances. When one client asked to incorporate Oil-Rubbed Bronze Appliances to their new kitchen, it was the first request I have had for such an item. I, like most of you, went to Google Images to see how this idea would work in a kitchen.

Here is one of the pictures I found. These are Jenn-Air Appliances featured on their websiteWhile I was afraid the look would feel too “trendy”, to me, it gives a warmer touch than Stainless Steel Appliances while maintaining the commercial credentials that foodies are looking for.
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