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Carpeting vs Hardwood

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Hi There, Fellow Gardeners! AnnahMarie of Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne, IndianaThis is AnnahMarie and Becca. Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Indiana will be sharing information on, Carpeting vs Hardwood. When deciding on flooring, there are many factors to take into account beyond just  comfort. Today, we provide a few pros and cons to assist in making your decision easier. Continue reading

Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet

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Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet Stairs with a carpet runner - Design Build PlannersIf your home staircase was originally carpeted you can now opt for other alternatives. Innovative staircase designs and materials including glass have altered the way a staircase can look. In fact you could, like others, use the look of the staircase to lend a theme to your home interior. Staircase treads are decorated with tiles and murals to give them a unique look. So take your pick and change the old carpeted staircase. Continue reading