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Beveled Marble Subway Tile

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Beveled Marble Subway Tile (1)-Design Build PlannersBeveled Marble Subway Tile

Design Build Planners loves using beveled marble subway tile in our remodeling projects. We’ve written previously about the history of subway tile, but the beveled marble incarnation of subway tile adds an extra “WOW!” factor to projects.

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Permat Tile Underlayment

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Permat Tile Underlayment

Permat underlayment for tile - Design Build PlannersIt is inevitable for tiles to wear out. With all the pressure it has to handle from the steps of our daily lives, it is no wonder that the material strength reduces and flooring starts wearing out. Luckily, there is a way to solve all of this.

The Permat Tile Underlayment solution from Blanke brings innovation to your flooring. It offers labor saving benefits wasted on time consuming plastic roll systems, but it brings you all the benefits and more.

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MIR Mosaic Collection a Tile Option

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MIR Mosaic Tile Featured at Best Tile Showrooms (7)-Design Build PlannersMIR Mosaic Collection a Tile Option

Best Tile, a trade partner of Design Build Planners, is now offering the MIR Mosaic Collection. If you are looking for tile at the forefront of innovating and aesthetic design; look no further. The MIR Mosaic Collection boosts an exclusive offering of high quality glass, natural stone, shell, and metal mosaics. There are over 300 different offerings; thus you are sure to find something that stands out and suits your style preferences. You can find the MIR Mosaic Collection at a Best Tile Showroom.

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Modern Kitchen and Great Room Remodel in Morris County New Jersey

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This home Morris County New Jersey home, built in 1992, had a kitchen with lacquer cabinets and laminate countertops which was a modern look at the time. Twenty years later, the new owner wanted her own vision and version of a modern kitchen. The project plan also included a makeover for the great room, including a wet bar, and built-in cabinetry for the adjacent family room.
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Home Shows for Remodeling Products and Ideas

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Home shows are a fantastic venue for homeowners to see items for their home, get ideas, and meet the people and contractors that provide home improvement products and services. In today’s virtual world many lose sight of the fact that we do business with people and not websites. A personal touch may not be important when purchasing copy paper or an automobile part, but a home renovation or modification affects much more than the sticks and bricks of the structure. Whether the project takes one day or one month or more, the procedure affects the whole family (including pets) and will have a lasting impact. Continue reading

Shower Niche Provides Storage and Design Elegance

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Who hasn’t banged their head or elbow on a shower soap dish or corner shelf? If you haven’t, consider yourself  very fortunate. Hair care products, soaps, gels and more need all a place in the shower. Factor in that target marketing is effective in prompting most family members to want their own particular brand making the number of shower items multiply. As the number of household shower items grew, so did the popularity of ceramic soap dishes and corner shelves that protrude from the wall tile. Then came the shower caddy. The plastic or metal shelves with a loop or hook above to attach to the shower head. Continue reading