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Refinish Bathtub or Install Bath Liner?

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Refinish Bathtub or Install Bath Liner?

bath tub installed on a remodeling project - Design Build PlannersGetting a new bathtub does not seem to be a big problem, it’s not such a big expense – but there are some drawbacks. For instance, the upfront purchase costs for the tub represent just a fraction of the total expense, you’ll then have to remove the existing one, install the new one – and so on, and all these add up quickly. Also, if you need a special shape, the price can skyrocket. For such cases, a refinishing job or the application or bathtub liner can be a great solution to postpone the problem for a few more years, until you can afford a full bathroom remodeling job, for example.

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Soaking Tub for a Bathroom Remodel

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Soaking tub for a NJ bathroom remodel (2)Have you always dreamed of owning a Jacuzzi? Wouldn’t you love to soak in a gorgeous garden tub while letting the water melt your worries away? If so, you should consider a soaking tub for your bathroom. By adding a freestanding tub to your bathroom you not only provide yourself with a relaxing oasis, but also increase the aesthetics and value of your home. Continue reading