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Siding and Stone Project in Monmouth County New Jersey

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Monmouth County vinyl and stone siding remodel in Manasquan, NJ (1)The homeowner had been considering new exterior siding for their home in Manasquan, NJ for some considerable time. A sub-division in Long Branch of new high end homes; caught their attention because of the combination of stone and siding that offered great curb appeal. The homeowner needed a combination of Design Build expertise and residential remodeling experience. They knew they could not find that from a siding contractor or stone mason. They needed help with a Design that would transform their tired looking exterior into something that looked as though it was built just recently. Their research through the internet; led them to Mark of Excellence Remodeling, a Design Build Planners Preferred Network Remodeler. Before meeting with the Project Designer they checked the reputation of the company with the BBB where we have an A plus rating and were able to determine the company had been in business and completed hundreds of projects in Monmouth County over our 28 year history. Continue reading

Exterior Molding and Trim

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exterior composite trim - Design Build Planners (1)Composite materials date back thousands of years. A composite material is manmade. It is made is made of several different materials.. They have different chemical and physical properties. The bricks the Egyptians made are a great example of a composite material. There are many composite materials used by contractors. They are used for certain areas on a house as well as building bridges and boats. More advanced composite materials are used on airplanes and spacecraft.

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Outdoor Living Space with a Portico Overhang and an Open Air Room

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Outdoor living spaces have become the poster project of staycations. A staycation is a period of time that an individual or family takes time off and relaxes at home.

Outdoor living spaces can be defined by any or all of an outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, portico covered area, screen or sun room, in-ground pool, spa tub, backyard sports or activities, and as much more as you can imagine. Continue reading

Blue Porch Ceilings

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Blue porch ceilingBlue painted ceilings can be found on porches across America, often for different reasons. Historians say the blue porch ceiling was born in South Carolina, where a group of African descendants believed that ghosts, or “haints,” couldn’t cross water. In painting their porches blue, they trusted the spirits would be confused by the water-colored hues and tricked into thinking they couldn’t enter their home. The school of thought became so popular in the South, that no matter the color blue, blue exterior home accents were dubbed Haint Blue.

Even as the ghost legend faded, porch ceilings continued to be painted blue in the South and across the United States. Many homeowners paint their porch ceilings blue as a bug repellent. It’s said that insects won’t nest on blue ceilings because they are fooled into thinking that the blue painted surface is actually the sky. Continue reading