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Awning Windows for Remodeling Projects

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Awning window in a tub areaAwning Windows for Remodeling Projects

Awning windows used to be popular a few decades ago, but we see them fewer and fewer of them these days. Despite that, they always seem to look modern and fresh – and they’ll probably never really go out of style. Of course, they’re not suitable for every remodeling project, but it’s worth checking whether you can fit one in before you start.

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Awning Window – Practical and Stylish

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Twice this month, I had suggested an awning window for a room to be remodeled and each time the homeowner response was, “What is an awning window?” Awning windows are a member of the casement family, but while standard casement windows are side hung, an awning is hinged on top to open outward from the bottom.

Due to their ingenious top-hung sash, awning windows can be open while it’s raining without letting water into your home. Rain or shine, awning windows are also an easy way to boost ventilation. With proper placement they’ll greatly boost your home’s air circulation and most certainly its charming appearance. Continue reading