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What Does an Attic Fan Do?

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What Does an Attic Fan Do?

Roof Mounted Power Vent - Installation InstructionsMany people have attics in their home, and for a good reason. An attic is a great place to store Christmas decorations or things you simply have no room for. Attics are well known for getting cold in the winter and hot in the summer, so they need to be properly ventilated as to not cause a fire in your home. There are many ways that you can ventilate your attic during a hot summer. Some people seem to think that opening a window is good enough, but that is simply not the case. You may want to consider getting an attic fan to be sure that your home is getting the right ventilation, while ensuring the temperature and the moisture level do not rise too high. Here are some things for you to consider.


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Installing Attic Stairs

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Installing Attic Stairs by the Design Build PlannersIf you have your own attic, then you probably already know this but still it is worth mentioning that attics are one of the best storage places that a house can have. However, there are some houses where attics have not been made easy to access which can make storage a challenging task to achieve on your own. Having stairs to allow you easy attic access can be a great solution to such problems and you should definitely consider installing them.

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Architecture – Craftsman Style Home

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The Craftsman style home was a revolution in American architectural design, and they were built all over the nation between 1905 and 1930. In the late part of the twentieth century, the Craftsman home became popular again, with architects restoring older Craftsman houses and building new replicas. Like many design elements of the Arts and Crafts period, the Craftsman home is a work of art as well as a functioning dwelling. The Craftsman home has a distinctive style which is instantly recognizable to architecture students, contractors, and aficionados of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The Craftsman home was popularized by several designers, including Gustav Stickley, Charles Sumner Greene, and Henry Mather Greene. All of these men were iconic figures in the Arts and Crafts movement, and the Craftsman home became a natural extension of the furniture and art they created. The Craftsman has its roots in the bungalow, a low slung, comfortable home which originates in India. Continue reading