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Corbels for the Home

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corbels for cabinets in kitchen remodeling Design Build Planners (1)Corbels were necessary in earlier times. They were a good source of support. They would support structures such as beams and arches.

Corbels were first built by the French, but the word corbel came from a Latin word. The Latin word is corbellus. Corbellus means a beak-like appearance.

Most of the earlier corbels were made of stone. The stone corbels would usually look like granite. There are some that were made of wood. They were good for decoration on window sills, along the side of building, or around the doors. They could be plain, but most of them had images carved into them. The images range from unique designs to humans to animals. You have an endless choice of images to have carved in the corbel.

On many older buildings in France and other places, corbels will be lining the way a few feet below the roof. The corbels would have a table on top of them. This table is what housed the gutter. It put a little more decoration in the building.

In medieval times, corbels were used for the arches. They helped support the upper stories. There was also spaces between the corbels. The areas were used to drop objects on attackers. As years passed, the corbels were for decoration purposes only.

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Traditional Style Home

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Architecture: Traditional Style Home

Traditional Style Home - Design Build PlannersIntroduction

Traditional style homes are the most common style in the United States. These homes are elegant homes. They are popular in upper-class communities. They are a mix of several different styles. It makes them easier to customize since there is no right particular way to design them. The designs are generally straightforward. While there is a mix of several different designs, there is also some basic features that are consistent with this style of home. These homes are usually one story floor plans. However, it isn’t rare to see lofts or extra rooms on a second story in these homes. The houses are generally constructed of brick or wood. People of all ages like the Traditional Style Home. They are also referred to as American House or American Style floor plans.

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Neoclassical Style Home

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Architecture: Neoclassical Style Home

Neo-Classical style home - Design Build PlannersHistory

Neoclassical Style Homes are part of history. Like many other designs, they come from another region of the world. The design comes from Ancient Rome and Greece. From 1895 to 1950 this style of home was popular in America. These homes have unique features as well as a touch of traditional. These elegant homes are mainly seen on the East Coast of the United States. Many of the older government buildings; such as the Virginia State Capital are in the Neoclassical Style.

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Mission Style Home

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Architecture: Mission Style Home

Mission Style Home - Design Build PlannersHistory

These homes like many other styles were mimicked by architectures. The first Mission style home in America was built in California. By the time, the 1800’s came the houses were moving East to the flat prairies. As they moved East, the houses began having some of the features added that you would see in prairie homes. These homes started in the 18th century during the Spanish Catholic Mission.

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Cape Cod Style Home

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Architecture: Cape Cod Style Home


Cape Cod style home ~ Design Build Planners (1)Cape Cod Style Homes have a history that dates further back than most styles. The Cape Cod style home dates back to the cottages that people built in the medieval times. They were adopted by America and were being constructed in the Northern Colonies. They remained popular in the early 20th century. Cape Cod style homes were also popular during the post-war building boom in America. They were mainly popular in the suburban areas. Many Cape Cod style homes you see today were built after World War II. Thousands of American soldiers returned home. They needed an inexpensive home for their family. These homes were the most popular choice for these soldiers.

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Cozy Cape Cod Becomes a Remodeled Dream Home in New Jersey

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This Monmouth County, New Jersey project started with tearing down the detached garage and then adding approximately 2,400 square feet including a two-car garage with a game room above, a master bedroom suite, powder room, laundry room, and mud room. The existing kitchen was completely remodeled. The exterior received a new dimensional roof. The exterior siding was redone with vinyl and stone. New steps and a portico were added to the front entryway. A second floor terrace was built that overlooks the backyard and connects the entries to the master bedroom and game room. The game room has a spiral staircase down to the mudroom. Continue reading

Pergolas to Enhance the Look and Comfort of an Outdoor Living Space

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If you’ve been thinking about how to add more elegance to your terrace, patio or deck, a pergola could be the perfect choice. This beautiful structure is a wonderful way to define your outdoor space without closing it in. Pergolas are classic, architectural features that often covered the walkways in Italian Renaissance gardens. A pergola makes a versatile addition to any outdoor living area because it can be customized to fit the style of your yard, whether it’s formal or casual. Pergolas don’t provide full shelter, but their openness is what provides that look of simple elegance. Continue reading

Architectural Design Around the World and Throughout the Ages

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The world of design stretches farther than the eye or mind can see. There are so many aspects to the world that contain quality design. One of the most awe capturing and inspiring forms of design in many of our lives is architecture. Architecture varies world wide and can bring tears to the eyes if you are truly one who loves beauty and art.

Architecture design has been evolving since the beginning of time. There are so many houses of design and theories and avenues that it is difficult to grasp all at once. Beginning with the early Greeks and Romans who built the coliseums, architectural design has been given much thought. Those who enter into the field of architecture have a deep love for the artistic craft. Continue reading

Eyebrow Dormers to Enhance the Roof Line

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Eyebrow dormers have a low profile and raise a wave in the plane of a roof’s shingles. Originally designed for medieval thatched roof cottages, the eyebrow dormer was created to welcome light and add ventilation. However, eyebrow dormers were made popular in the United States when shingle-style architecture emerged in the mid to late 1800s. Mainly found in New England, eyebrow dormers were used as an enchanting visual device to break up the long expansive roofline of seaside hingle-style homes. Continue reading

Porch Designs and Furniture Ideas

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Planning a porch design is more than just structure, columns, and roof lines. Collectively, considerations must be given to lifestyle. How and when will the porch be used. Will the gatherings be intimate or entertaining. Perhaps flexibility of use is key.

Enjoy these porch photos from houzz.com and see how they have been decorated and furnished. Which is your favorite? Which would be serve the needs of your family? Continue reading