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What Is Tempered Glass?

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What Is Tempered Glass? saftey tempered glass for windows and doors - Design Build PlannersTempered glass is a kind of safety glass that has a variety of applications. It is especially used in situations where ordinary glass cannot be used because of its potential danger. Tempered glass is manufactured under conditions of controlled heat and controlled cooling or sometimes controlled chemical treatments which lead to a significant increase in its strength. This compresses the outer surfaces and creates tension in the inner surfaces, which is what creates tempered glass, or “safety glass”. Continue reading

What is U-factor for Windows

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 What is U-factor for Windows U Factor for Windows by the Design Build PlannersWhen it comes time to replace the windows in your home, there are a lot of things to think about, especially if you live in an older house. You want to install windows with maximum energy efficiency at the same time that you want to preserve the historical look of where you live. One of the most important things to think about and understand is what is U-factor for windows? Basically, U-factor is a way of measuring how well a window insulates. The better it insulates, the lower its u-factor rating will be. U-factor indicates the rate of heat loss from a window. Insulated glass will have low U-factor rates, because it keeps the cold out and the heat in or vise-versa depending on your climate and the season. A good U-factor rate to look for is .30, which is about as low as it gets. Continue reading

Folding Patio Doors

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Folding Patio Doors Folding Patio Doors (10)Folding patio doors are the hottest trend at this moment in time. This can be vividly illustrated by the sheer number of Andersen folding patio doors and LaCatina doors are being sold to eager home owners each quarter. However, new ways of doing things has made the production of folding patio doors easier and consequently more affordable to the common man on the street. The following are the advantages that you will get from having folding patio doors in your home: Continue reading

Andersen Windows for Remodeling

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Andersen Windows for Remodeling (1)-Design Build PlannersWindows can illuminate a room, shield from the sun, and give you an opportunity to open up a room to all new visual design flow. Many people take these for granted, but when there is something missing in a home’s design and structure, you may find that a simple addition of some energy star rated windows can change everything. Installing good windows goes beyond just having glass put into place and framing the structures, as you’ll find to be true when you start to investigate Andersen windows, and the many solutions they offer. Continue reading