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History of President’s Day

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President’s Day

Bald Eagle &  FireworksPresident’s Day is an American federal holiday observed on the third Monday of every February, and was established nationwide in 1885, that celebrates George Washington’s birthday. It’s officially called Washington’s Day, despite an attempt to change it in 1968, but it is almost always referred to as

President’s Day

Although the holiday didn’t become official until the late 1800s, people used to celebrate the day while George Washington was still alive, throwing parties and festivals in honor of their first president. As the man who led the Continental Army in the war against the British for independence, he is considered the most important politician in the country’s history. He served two terms in office from 1789 to 1797 when he retired, having no allegiance to any political party. Washington actually hoped that the country would not form political parties as he found them detrimental to the country’s welfare. He passed away in 1799, two years after he resigned.

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