Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet in Your New Bathroom

Daily MedicationSo you have finished remodeling your new bathroom and it is time to put everything back where it belongs. Now it’s time to stock up that new medicine cabinet with medicine that is actually not out of date. Here is a list of some essential items that almost everyone needs.

Medicine for pain, headaches, and fever

Aspirin: This is still a favorite among many people, although some say it is too harsh on the stomach. Also if you are taking blood thinners you should stay away from this because it can interfere with blood clotting.

Red cross 1Acetaminophen: This is a better choice for people who need to avoid aspirin. This also comes in a pediatric form for children. Make sure not to take any other medications with acetaminophen in it because too much of this can cause liver damage.

Ibuprofen or naproxen sodium: These are great for inflammation and headaches as well. This is also available in a pediatric form, but like aspirin this can be harsh on the stomach as well.

For colds, coughs, flu, and allergies

Decongestants: A popular choice for decongestants is Sudafed. This is great for relieving stuffy noses do to colds and the flu

Cough medicines: For a dry cough look for ones containing dextromethorphan. For a wet cough, caused by mucus, look for an expectorant like Mucinex.

Antihistamines: When it comes to allergies look for Diphenhydramine, which is contained in Benadryl. Be wary of these though because they may cause marked drowsiness.

Eye drops: Also make sure to have eye drops on hand for allergy purposes. You may also need some for dry eyes.

For digestive problems

Calcium carbonate tablets: You can find these in Tums and Rolaids. They both relieve acid reflux and heartburn. Also look for Maalox and Mylanta for liquid versions of these. They usually provide longer lasting relief.

Tablet stripGas and constipation relief: Medicines like Gas-X and Imodium AD are great to have on hand for occasional uses. Be wary of taking these too much as the body can become dependent upon them.

For rashes, bug bites and stings, and poison oak

Calamine lotion: This is crucial to have on hand for poison oak and poison ivy. It helps dry up the oozing and itchy rashes that these cause.

Antihistamine cream: You can find this in tons of brands. Use this for itchy rashes and bug bites.

Cortisone: A 1-percent cream that cures itching when none of the above seem to bring any relief.

For cuts and burns

Bandages and gauze pads: This is a necessity to have on hand for cuts and burns.

Medical tape: This is needed to secure gauze or gauze pads in place.

Neosporin: This is an antibiotic ointment that is used before a bandage is applied. Helps to heal wounds quicker.

Alcohol: For disinfecting wounds when needed.


Thermometer: The electronic kind are typically the most accurate. These are needed for checking for fevers. This is a definite must have.

Oral care

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Of course everyone needs this to keep their mouths clean and fresh. Also have on hand dental floss and mouthwash.

Of course there are many other options to have in your medicine cabinet, but these are the necessities. You can add whatever you like to your medicine cabinet to make it fit your personal needs better.

Here are a few photos of remodeled bathrooms with stylish medicine cabinets:

medicine cabinets in NJ bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners (1)   medicine cabinets in NJ bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners (2)   nj bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners

medicine cabinets in NJ bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners (4)   medicine cabinets in NJ bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners (5)   medicine cabinets in NJ bathroom remodeling from Design Build Planners (6)

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