Starting a Vegetable Garden in Your Yard

Home Vegetable Garden-Design Build PlannersA vegetable garden in your own yard is a great way to obtain fresh vegetables, spices, or fruits without having to pay high prices for them at the grocery store.  In addition, you can freeze your goods in order to eat them throughout the winter for that fresh out of the garden taste in your dinners.  A vegetable garden can also be a captivating family experience, and it can show children the understanding of the natural cycle of growth.

Home Vegetable Garden (2)-Design Build PlannersThere are a lot of options to start your own garden.  Many people with smaller spaces purchase various size garden boxes, or even planter boxes and pots for their yard. Then they will fill them with dirt, and plant the plants. Another option is to   start seeds early, in order to save even more money.  Another way is to have a nearby farmer, if available, till a space in your yard or you can rent a tiller from your local rental company.  One tip is to cover your vegetable garden with plastic, and  cutting an X in the plastic to plant your veggies. This will reduce the need to weed your garden.

Yellow and Orange peppersThe trick to keeping your vegetable garden healthy is to consistently water it; it doesn’t have to be a time consuming endeavor. Check your plants for bugs and hose them off; while making sure your soil is moist.  Enjoy the fruits and veggies and pick them when they appear ready.  Be sure to check your frost dates before planting and make sure what you are growing will do well in the area you live in.  It is satisfying to see your plants grow and the taste is so much better than what you purchase in the store as you too can control what is put into your garden in terms of pesticides and growth enhancers.  Most of all have fun with growing your garden!

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