Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet

Staircase Options and Alternatives to Carpet

Stairs with a carpet runner - Design Build PlannersIf your home staircase was originally carpeted you can now opt for other alternatives. Innovative staircase designs and materials including glass have altered the way a staircase can look. In fact you could, like others, use the look of the staircase to lend a theme to your home interior. Staircase treads are decorated with tiles and murals to give them a unique look. So take your pick and change the old carpeted staircase.

Concrete and tiles

If you have to shape your staircase into a spiral or any other shape then generally concrete is used as it shapes easily. Mostly people use prefabricated treads on concrete staircases as they are easy to install. Now you have the alternative to use decorative and patterned tiles. You can give a ‘faux pax’ carpet look by using one color tiles in the center of the tread and use a contrasting color tile at the edges so it makes the border of the “carpet.”


Of course wood remains an all-time favorite for staircases. Wooden staircases look sleek and trim and always add that something extra to the interior of the house. With changing times and smaller interior spaces, the all wood staircase is phasing out and wood treads supported by metal balusters have become popular. However, carved wood railings and balustrades are still used. If you want to revamp a wooden staircase then you could paint it in all white or paint the treads a dark color and the railings white.


Glass has always been considered delicate and used with caution. However, with new technology that renders the glass strong and unbreakable it is being used as a staircase material for the contemporary look. You can select from a variety of colors and textures to match your interiors. When used with a metal balustrade and handrail it looks enchanting but requires high maintenance to keep it shining.

New materials

Solid surface and metal staircases are also alternatives that you can choose from. Metal is strong and hardwearing but not very popular as it does nothing for aesthetics. Solid surface staircases though are being appreciated for their durability and low maintenance. They also add a lot to the aesthetics because of their variety.


Brick has been a favorite material to use in both indoor and outdoor staircases, particularly in garden steps. Brick begins to look good over years when it lends much to the lived in feel. It is also highly cost effective and when matched with the right interiors it adds warmth to the setting.

Decorative staircases

Staircase murals have become quite the rage these days. The entire rise and tread can be fixed with removable murals that run one theme through the entire staircase. Select a theme that matches your interiors or pick a theme that matches the seasons. Have a look in the showcases for the variety of available themes. You also get ‘faux tiles’ that can be used to transform old wood tiles into excitingly colored staircases.


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