Stair Railing Material Options

Stair Railing Material Options

Stair Rail Material Options (2)-Design Build PlannersStair railings, whether outdoor or indoor, serve the same purpose which is enhancing the safety of individuals using the stairs. In your search for stair railing materials, the options available may be quite overwhelming. There are a number of factors one needs to consider when choosing a stair railing material such as the material’s resistance to weather conditions, match to the external color and trimmings of the house, and the stair design. Each of the different stair railing materials available comes with both pros and cons. Thus the choice squarely lies with one’s taste and needs. So, which options are available?

Wood railings

family roomWood is chosen for its rustic and classier appearance. It can be polished to give a fashionable look or carved to give a classical appearance. Some of the commonly used woods include cypress, mahogany, pine, oak and maple. These woods have a rustic look which emanates from their natural stained wood grains. Also, the wood can be painted with attractive colors of choice to bring out the desired attractive look. However, if used for outdoor stair railing, it may require sealing for protection against weather conditions such as heat, ultra violet (UV) rays, rain and snow which not only deteriorates the wood railings but also creates flakes on the individuals grasping on the railings for security.

Metal railing

Stair Rail Material Options (10)-Design Build PlannersMetal railing is preferred especially for outdoor stair railing due to its durability, high tensile strength and low maintenance requirements. The metal can also be painted easily using desired paints to match the external colors and design of the house. However, unlike wood, it cannot be carved; instead, it is mostly used with contemporary designs some of which are just simple and undecorated while some may be pre-molded to give various desirable designs.

Stainless steel

Stair Rail Material Options (3)-Design Build PlannersThis is preferred due its elegance and resistance to weather conditions hence commonly used in outdoor stair railings. Fabricated hollow stainless steel pipes are chosen for lighter more delicate applications. Like metal railing, stainless steel can also be painted to match the shades of adjacent walls and decorations. However, some weatherproofing may be required in order to maintain their polished look.

Stone, marble railing

Stair Rail Material Options (4)-Design Build PlannersThese give the most archetypal appearance. However, they are relatively heavier and more fragile hence susceptible to cracking or breaking. In addition, they many a times require the services of an expert to install and usually require fasteners to fix them in place. The elegance of these typical stair railings is even higher with the use of glass spindles; the crystal-clear material adds a luxurious look to the stairs and house in general.

Other materials

Stair Rail Material Options (5)-Design Build PlannersOther material that can be used for stair railing in place of the wood and metal railing system include aluminium, vinyl and fiberglass. These are relatively cheap hence suitable where a higher budget is a limiting factor. These materials also tend to be more resistant to weather conditions hence suitable for outdoor stair railing. However, the materials have a relatively lower aesthetic value compared to other stair railing materials.

Below are some addition photos of stair railing material options.

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  1. Jane Ambrose

    My husband and I are thinking about updating the look of our stair banister, but neither of us knows a lot about what materials to use and why. I had no idea that there was such thing as glass spindles, but as it mentions in the article these seem like a really elegant option. It seems like having the right kind of material is essential to having it turn out the way you want it to. Thank you for the information!


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