Spray Foam Insulation for Remodeling Projects

Icynene, is a popular insulation form which is a foam that starts as two liquid components that are heated up and sent through two hoses only to meet at a tip of a gun . This creates a thin film that expands to 100x its volume in eight seconds.

After the product sets up it has a rough texture that expands beyond the drywall barrier. The installers have to “scarf” — scrape off — the foam in order for the drywall to fit properly.

Tcynene won’t allow air to move through or around it, creating a complete air barrier. Icynene can also be applied to the underside of a roof deck, creating an airtight seal between the roof and the attic space.

Below are pictures of spray foam insulation for remodeling projects.

Spray Foam Insulation (1)   Spray Foam Insulation (2)   Spray Foam Insulation (3)

Sprayfoam Insulation (1)   Sprayfoam Insulation (2)   Sprayfoam Insulation (3)

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