Spiral Stairs for Your Home

Spiral stairs can be a great option for your home. One benefit to spiral staircases versus a traditional staircase is the square footage savings. Since the spiral design isn’t confined to a large rectangular structure, a spiral stair case can be put in more locations and will always save space. Spiral staircases also have a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Furthermore, spiral staircases allow a lot more room for customization for your creative vision. You can use metal, wood, or some kind of combination of the two. They can also be made high and slim; working best in little areas. However, they can also be large and grandiose.

Between the space savings and aesthetic appeal, homeowners often find spiral staircases to be a value adding proposition.  They also add a unique feature that can help your home stand out when the home is on the real estate market.

Lastly, open staircases work particularly well with the increasingly popular open floor plan concept. A spiral staircase allows for the passage of light and help contributes to the “open” feel of your space.




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