Space-Saving Tips for Your Small Kitchen

Space Saving Tricks for Your Small Kitchen (1)-Design Build PlannersJust because you have a small kitchen, does not mean you have to feel cramped or cluttered every time you prepare a meal.

The kitchen is without a doubt an important part of your home, so you should not be too reluctant to keep it functional and stylish.

If you have plenty of time and money to spare, you can always go for a complete kitchen renovation.

But before you set your sights on a drastic makeover, you might want to look into these smart space-saving tricks.

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Say goodbye to the door.

Give your kitchen door a good look.

How useful is it? Would your kitchen be better off without it?

A door can take up a lot of space and make your small kitchen feel cramped, so consider removing it.

This can make your kitchen more practical, spacious and inviting.

While you’re at it, think about widening the opening to free up more space and create an airy ambiance.

Look for smaller appliances.

 It’s not difficult to find small appliances that are just as useful and efficient as their larger counterparts.

Look for stoves, refrigerators and other appliances that can fit into the tiny spaces between your kitchen’s hardware.

Choose a sink that fits.

 Instead of choosing a double bowl sink, opt for its single bowl counterpart.

Double bowl sinks are without a doubt more spacious, but they can take up more space on the counter.

If you choose an undermount single bowl sink, you will surely save a lot of space because the edges will be concealed.

 Be smart with storage.

 Make the most of all available storage spaces.

Keep all your things neatly organized to minimize clutter.

If your kitchen has a vacant wall, consider installing racks or hooks, instead of artworks like photographs and paintings. This will create more space for your kitchenware.

If you want to set up a pantry but don’t have enough space for a proper one, get a slim storage tower that you can fit in-between the kitchen hardware and appliances.

This way, you can keep food, dishes, linens and other things within easy reach.

Replace bulky hardware.

 The walkways of your small kitchen can benefit from sleek and minimalist hardware.

Bulky handles, hinges and knobs should be replaced with sleeker and more slender alternatives.

Paired with good lighting, they can make your kitchen appear airier and streamlined.

Get an island.

If you’re having a difficult time finding your kitchenware despite your best efforts to organize them in the cabinets, hooks and racks, think about getting a kitchen island.

There are lots of innovative island designs with plenty of storage areas like drawers and shelves.

Some designs even come with a stove, a sink, a wider space for preparing food, etc.

Even if your kitchen is a bit on the small side, you don’t have to prepare your food in a cramped environment.

Give one of our tips a try, and your kitchen will be much more comfortable and welcoming. And if you’re looking for more tricks to take your kitchen up a notch, check out these easy ways to upgrade it.

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