Solar Roof Shingles for Your New Jersey Home

Solar Roof Shingles (1)We all need a roof and are always looking for ways to make electricity more affordable. Solar Roof Shingles are a great way to get the best of both worlds. Solar energy provides an endless supply of safe and renewable energy which can be used for heat and power. Solar roof shingles are an extremely efficient way of turning a shingle roof into an energy producer. These hybrid shingles protect your roof from bad weather and also consume solar power transforming it into usable energy.

Solar Roof Shingles (2)Electricity rates have been increasing at 62% in the last ten years in New Jersey, and are estimated to increase at a rate of 5.5% for the next two decades. The amount you pay for electricity now is basically going to double in the next 12 years.  The use of renewable energy is thus encouraged by New Jersey through creation of substantial solar incentives to aid a decrease in the cost of solar power. The state has implemented a Renewable Portfolio Standard which states that all electricity suppliers have to use renewable energy sources for 22.5% of their retail electricity load by the year 2021.

Solar Roof Shingles (3)Using solar roof shingles for homes comes with various benefits, especially in the form of cost reductions. Solar panel owners do not have to pay such high bills because a home solar system lowers electricity bills by at least 70%. Moreover, presently, with the government incentives and rebates, homeowners have to pay only as much for solar roof shingles. Solar companies in New Jersey give residents an advantage by offering financing programs which require minimal down payments. So homeowners can not only increase their home values but also save themselves from the rising electricity bills.

Installation of solar roof shingles also gives residents the advantage of federal solar tax credit, which is tax credit for 30% of the cost of the entire system. So not only do homeowners save money with bills, but also with lower tax.

Solar Roof Shingles (4)The best part is, these solar shingles are practically invisible so you do not have to adjust your interior around bulky black panels, and they provide clean, unused energy.

NOTE: Information and statistics obtained from Dow Power House website.

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