Solar Products for Your Home

house with solar panel designSolar Products for Your Home

Just think about it– the Sun can produce solar energy for at least another five billion years; this energy is free, clean, doesn’t pollute the air around us like the fossil fuels do. More importantly, solar energy helps reduce the greenhouse effect. These are reasons to go solar.

Solar Products for Your Home (2)-Design Build PlannersIn many countries across the world, sunlight has been used to heat and dry things but it’s more effective and productive if channelized properly. According to scientists, sunlight provides about six to seven productive hours of solar energy every day and that can be used by homeowners and even business utilities. This is the principle that is used in solar thermal systems like solar water heaters that can heat swimming pools and homes.

Solar Products for Your Home (3)-Design Build PlannersThese solar water heaters consist of an insulated tank, an assortment of pipes, and a collector made from either an evacuated vacuum tube system or a flat plate collector system. When sunlight falls on the collector, the water present in the tubes is heated, becomes less dense and moves to the top of the tank. In turn, the cold water at the bottom rises, enters the tubes, and gets heated – this process continues till all the water is heated. The heated water inside the insulated tank remains hot for quite a long time.

Solar Products for Your Home (4)-Design Build PlannersIf you thought that solar energy was only good for heating water, then think again. In hot countries when heat beats down on roof surfaces, attics are heated up and although conventional vents expel heat, they are mostly inadequate and vent fans do the job of pulling out the heat. Well, solar powered attic fans that install on most kinds of roofs can do the job more efficiently and quietly. They are easy to install, no wiring is required, and no structural changes need to be made. They not only prevent heat build-up on roofs during summer but in winter prevent moisture and ice damming. They are ideal for homes, offices and even industrial buildings. In some places, solar attic fans qualify for tax credits.

If you are contemplating on an eco-friendly option to aesthetically enhance your gardens and pathways, then think solar. Solar landscaping lights can charge in direct sunlight and you don’t have to switch them off in the evening—they automatically turn off. A huge advantage is that they can be fixed so that they receive the maximum energy from the sun. With a solar panel installed in the top of the light and a battery in the body, the lights can either be mounted on walls or on spikes stuck in the ground. These have a long service life and just need to be wiped clean. Maybe one disadvantage is that they only provide ambient lighting and are not as powerful and bright as electric lights, but in gardens and walkways you really don’t require glare- you want subdued hues and solar landscaping lights could provide just the right atmosphere.

What’s more important than the entrance to your house? Hence, it deserves special treatment with special solar deck lights – you don’t want people tripping up the steps or falling over your precious flower-pots as they enter. Solar deck lights are a practical way to keep the deck illuminated without incurring huge energy bills. So get rid of those tungsten lamps and choose from the wide variety of lights that are available.

That being so, initial cost could be a deterrent, but you should remember that solar energy pays for itself very quickly. So go solar, go green, help the environment and help yourself.

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