Solar Panels for Your New Jersey Home

Solar Power Energy Solutions in New JerseyAll it takes to see solar panels powering a home in New Jersey is a quick drive around. There are thousands of homes and businesses using solar energy to get clean power. A couple of questions that are common among homeowners. What is solar power, and how do solar panels work?

Solar energy is any type of energy that is produced from the sun. It can be either thermal or electric energy. Photovoltaic systems are a part of the solar technology group that converts the light from the sun into electricity. This is done using solar panels. Solar panels contain solar cells, often made of silicon, which release electrons when the sun hits them. These electrons are converted to direct current which is then converted to alternating current by an inverter, and that alternating current is what powers your home.

Wonder how solar power can benefit you, your home, and your family? Here are just a couple of the many benefits to having solar panels placed on your New Jersey home:

Energy Savings

gelberSolar panels will pay for themselves because of the amount of energy you will be gaining from the sunlight rather than the power company. Many people with solar panels are actually getting CHECKS from the power company instead of bills! This happens when your solar panels are producing more energy than your home needs. With the proper systems in place, the power company can take that excess power, use it to power other homes, and then pay you for it! Do I need to say more?

Clean, Sustainable Energy

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Solar panels collect sunlight, of which there is an endless supply, which means you don’t have to worry about not having energy. Solar panels will even collect some sunlight on cloudy days. Plus, solar energy produces electricity without adding any pollution, emissions, or greenhouse gases to the environment, and there’s no waste products at all to worry about.

So the next question you should be asking is: How do I get solar panels installed? Well, let me tell you. Although you could put them in yourself, the most efficient way is to hire a New Jersey home remodeler who can have them installed quickly and skillfully. Make sure you find a remodeler who has experience in installing solar panels, because there is definitely a right and wrong way to put them in.

Solar Panels (1)Your remodeler will check your home before getting started in order to make sure that a solar system will work well with your home. Some of the things they will check are the size and age of the roof, which direction your roof is facing, and whether or not there are tall buildings or trees nearby that would interfere with your system. Once you’ve been approved by your remodeler, all that’s left is to register your solar project with the SREC Registration Program and to set up an installation date. And pretty soon, you’ll find yourself producing clean, sustainable energy that gives you energy savings you never dreamed of, and all of it powered by solar panels.

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