Solar Energy Estimate

Using solar energy is an emerging trend in the remodeling industry. Using solar energy and other green remodeling techniques serves two purposes. First, “going green” helps cut down on your energy bill. Secondly, your negative impact to the environment is reduced tremendously.

3 Steps to Take Advantage of Solar Energy for Your Home

  • FREE remote evaluation and analysis of your home’s solar energy potential based on location and positioning
  • FREE in-home consultation regarding solar energy and money savings for your home
  • FREE solar panels supplied and installed on your home to help save money and create energy independence

Solar panels for your NJ HomeThe clearest benefit is how you will save money over time. By using solar panels, you will find that you can take advantage of tax incentives, breaks, and refunds from the federal government. Solar power is not a method of turning off your electricity at all. Instead, you will have a filter in place that will allow you to alternate between power methodology, based on the energy stored within the battery and grid system that connects to the panels. In order to kick start this process, what you need is an array of panels that will pull the rays of the sun and use them to fuel battery packs and electrical grids. This is absolutely easy to add to your home’s roofing without having to spend a great deal of money.

You can read about green remodeling here and here.

Below are a few pictures that incorporate solar roof panels/shingles.

Solar Energy Estimate (1)-Design Build Planners   Solar Energy Estimate (2)-Design Build Planners   Solar Energy Estimate (3)-Design Build Planners


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