Smart Locks for Your Home

Smart Locks For Your Home-Design Build PlannersSmart phones, smart TVs…Smart Locks? One fast emerging idea is the smart lock for your home. As you can likely imagine, a skilled intruder can easily bypass a “regular” door lock system. Smart locks can be managed from your phone, as with most other features. Having a lock that is controlled by you and your phone keeps your home safer and allows you more customization possibilities.

For example, let’s say you have a dog that needs walking while you are at work. Instead of giving the dog walker a key to your home, you could simple program the door to be open for the dog walker’s appointment time!

If you have a Smart Lock for your home, you will never need to worry about losing your keys. Added security and added peace of mind–adding a smart lock for your home could be one of the easiest decisions you make!

Four of the many companies who product smart locks are:

  • August
  • Kevo/Unikey
  • Gojis
  • Lockitron


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