Skylight Options for Your Home

Skylights for your Home (1)Skylights are light transmitting, decorative elements in home decor that are placed on the roof of a house or something similar in order to get daylight. Skylights essentially have the same purpose as windows. Open skylights (skylights without windows were used since ancient times).

Skylights in the form that is known today (closed skylights) began to be produced in the early 19th century. In recent years, skylights have become a more and more popular option mainly because of the advance of construction materials and technology. In addition, skylights reduce energy consumption, provide natural sunlight, increase visual appeal to interiors, and provide overall good mood for those located in that room. If you are planning to install skylight in your home it is good to point out that there are several skylight options available.

SONY DSCFor example, there are solar powered skylight options that have many advantages over regular skylights. This type of skylights uses technology that involves solar panels that use solar energy to operate the control system. This means that the system opens and closes the skylight by using solar energy. These Velux skylights (Velux is the leader in the skylight production industry) also have sensors that react on rain and snow. Accordingly, they can automatically close the skylight without waiting for a command. This is very useful if you are out of home and you have left your skylight opened in order to ensure flow of fresh air during that time. The remote control is wireless and you can close and open the skylight any time you want. This model is also known as fresh air skylight because the main feature is the availability of fresh air in the house.

SONY DSCAnother type of skylights are the tubular skylights. They obviously got their name from their shape and they are one of the newest types of skylights. Tubular skylights are very practical because they can be placed in virtually any space. They can be used in bathrooms, closets and hallways. These are usually places where we need sunlight the most but we cannot place windows. Tubular skylights can be very small.

Skylights for your Home (5)Fixed skylights cannot be used as main sources of light. They are usually placed in attic, extra rooms or places where you need additional air flow and light. They come in different design and sizes. These skylights are made from different material (from glass to plastic).

Skylights for your Home (7)Skylights are great source for light, but just like windows we sometimes want to regulate the amount of light that enters the rooms. The best solution? Blinds. By using blinds for a skylight you can regulate the amount of light that comes through it, you can regulate the level of UV (protect yourself during days with high UV radiation) etc. These blinds come in several forms – vertical blinds, balcony skylight blinds, skylight blinds that block sun, cellular blinds etc.

Whatever type of skylight you choose, make sure that it suits the room where you want to place it.

Below are a few additional photos of skylight options for your home.

Skylights for your Home (6)   Skylights for your Home (4)   Skylights for your Home (1)

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  1. LNWeaver

    I like that advice to regulate skylight light with blinds. That way you’ll have exactly as much light as you want, and you can protect yourself from UVs. I bet buyers would be really impressed with skylights; I might have to add some to get my home ready for reselling.


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