Simulated Golf for Your Basement

Simulated Golf for Your Basement

Golf ball with club on putting greens with holeYou have had a long day at work and you want nothing more than to unwind by hitting a few golf balls. However, it is already late and is dark outside. In such cases, driving 10 miles to the golf range does not appeal. What you need is to have fun and practice, whenever you feel like it, without the lack of daylight or anything else getting in the way. What do you do?

Have you thought of an indoor putting green and a stimulated driving range? A place where you can play golf to your heart’s content. Whether or not you believe it, you can now do it right from the comfort of your home.

For less than $800, you can create a simulated golf range for your basement with the following items: a practice net, a practice mat, an indoor putting green and a stimulated driving range.

All you need is a few hundred dollars, some space, a laptop, and of course, passion for the game. Even some golf clubs would come in handy, but I presume you must already have them, since you have come this far!

Do you have enough space to play golf indoors?

This is one of the most important questions a home golfer should ask themselves. You can easily pack away the set after you have finished playing since the set is entirely portable. You will, however, need room to swing your club. What is the point otherwise?

One way to assess whether you have ample space to play golf at home is to mentally map where you will be placing the hitting mat and net. Then, take your driver and practice a swing while checking at the same time to see whether or not your club head has the opportunity to hit a wall nearby, piece of furniture or even the ceiling. Build up the speed of your swings gradually and do so until you are swinging short of a full throttle. The driver being the longest golf club in your golf bag, you should see whether you have the space to swing it or not. If there is enough room to swing the driver, then you can rest assured there will be space for the other clubs in your bag too. And if you do not have enough room to swing the Big Bertha, then you should consider reserving it for the golf range rather than for home use.

You should also have a laptop in order to play the game. So, make sure that there is ample space on your table to keep the laptop. Besides, if you are uncomfortable making full swings, then you should consider using lightweight practice balls. Have you ever played golf inside a club? Then, you would probably already be knowing how they measure ball flight, swing speed, spin and trajectory ratio. You get to see till how far your ball would go and the shape of your actual golf shot. This is what an indoor simulator is all about.

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