Simple Tip for Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity

The Design Build Planners have visited thousands of homes to discuss remodeling projects. While we are not ready to write a tell-all book (yet), we have seen many interesting things over the years. Some of the hidden secrets are uncovered during bathroom remodeling estimates. Without naming names, some bathrooms are overly cluttered and disorganized at first glance. Then we need to inspect the plumbing set up below the sink. Opening the vanity doors sometimes starts an avalanche as the piled contents tumble out.

The Design Build Planners have been there also, so no first stones will be cast here. Some years back, a professional organizer (yes, that is an actual profession and certified designation) offered a simple, but very helpful tip. Each person in the household should take their toiletry items and place them in their own plastic container(s) such as Tupperware. Store the containers in the vanity cabinet as they will stack neatly. When needed, place each container needed on the countertop for access and use. When finished, return all items to the container and stash in the vanity again. You will find that not only will the area stay neat and organized; you will be able store more items in less space. Plus, as an added bonus, if you have a spill of make up or lotion, the plastic container cleans up easily keeping the inside of the vanity clean.

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