Shower Niche

A shower niche is a practical and stylish vessel for all your necessities. A permanent tiled niche not only looks great, it won't gather mold, as a plastic hanging storage unit can. In addition, show niches also provide great utility. The location of a shower niche is space and use dependent. Shower niches can reduce clutter while adding a new feel and dimension to your shower space.Shower Niche (7) The latest trend is moving away from tubs while creating a larger shower space. Shower caddies are useful but usually lack aesthetic appeal. Built-in shower wall niches can be as functional as they are striking. Niches can hold a wide range of items, including shampoo bottles and candles for ambience. One niche could even have lighting and a fog-free mirror with a ledge to hold a razor and shaving cream. Just remember to have the wall framed to accept a niche. Pictured below are some examples of shower niche remodeling projects. SONY DSC   Shower Niche (6)   Shower Niche Remodel (1)   Shower Niche Remodel (2)   Shower Niche Remodel (3)   Shower Niche Remodel (5)
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  5. Emma Hartson

    It was nice how you pointed out that not only will there be a new dimension and feel to the bathroom, but there will also be a way to reduce the clutter in the shower room. Actually, I usually leave shampoo bottles and soap on the floor of the shower every time I use it, and it upsets my mom. She said it looks messy, and sometimes, she steps on the soap. Because of this, I do think we need to have a shower niche in the bathroom.


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