Shower Door Cleaning Tips

Many of homeowners realize that cleaning shower door is really challenging. If neglected, mold, bacteria, stains, and rust may accumulate. So you need to make sure that you clean the shower door as frequent as you can with the proper cleaning agent. The common cleaning that many people use to clean shower door and other fixtures in a bathroom is baking soda.

However, if you use baking soda to clean the shower door, make sure that you mix paste of baking soda and water in good proportion so you can clean all kind of embedded stains or spraying the door with oven cleaner and leaving it on overnight. By following these tips, you will be able to clean those stains much easier and once after you get rid of those stains, then apply coating agent on the door surface to keep the door always shining.

You have to check the shower whether the door has mould on it because in the bathroom there are excessive moisture to enable mold develops very quickly so you have to check condition of the shower door, in order to clean the area that a brush can not access, you probably need to have a toothbrush handy to clean this area, sometimes you can use vacuum cleaner to get rid of hairs and dirt that brush could not access.

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