Home Remodeling Process and Stages from the Design Build Planners

Finally, a better approach to home remodeling and building: Visual, Logical, Systematic, and Pleasant!

Residential Home Remodeling is broken into 5 general stages. Each one is as important as the next. The Design Build Planners offers a vast array of services in each stage, and can help save you time and money even if you have already started or have completed the first one, No matter if you are a homeowner or remodeler. Contact us to find out how!

The Design Build Planners specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, and more.  We are NJ home designers who work with the top remodeling contractors and residential architects in New Jersey.

Stage 1: Discovery

This is the beginning of your remodeling journey and covers areas such as: What project(s) are best suited for my home and family? What do these projects typically cost? How do I go about paying for a remodeling project? What type of Remodeling Company is right for me and my project? Do I want to complete any of the work myself?

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Discovery Services Offered by the Design Build Planners:

  • Lifestyle and Design Profile consultation to determine how you live in your home and what aesthetics you desire
  • Potential work scope assessment (different variations of a similar project, or 3 different projects for comparison)
  • Universal Design and Aging in Place strategies
  • Design-Build-Remodeling-from-the-Design-Build-Pros-300x199Determining which of the four remodeling groups you are in: DIY (Do It Yourself), G.C. (General Contract) your own project, hire an owner-operator remodeling firm, or hire a full service remodeling firm
  • Collateral repair and alterations assessment for areas outside the work zone
  • Dust Protection plan based on the needs of your family, pets, and day-to-day activities
  • Overview of possible design solutions
  • Estimated budget ranges for all aspects of the project(s)
  • “Green” options to improve household performance and reduce carbon footprint
  • Exploration of funding and payment solutions
  • Plan anticipated start and completion time frames

DBPlanners Save Time: Learn in hours what takes most weeks or months

DBPlanners Save Money: Combine the preliminary tasks of an interior designer, Architect, financial consultant, estimator, project manager

The Design Build Planners can cover all the information above in one succinct meeting, available anywhere in the United States. The initial consultation fee is $250, and may be waived for previous clients, VIP cardholders, and highly qualified homeowners (Contact the DBPlanners for details). If the fee is waived, the assessment is not put in writing.

Stage 2: Project Planning

Design-Build-Remodeling-from-the-Design-Build-Pros-300x199Once you have determined that your remodeling project(s) makes sense, is financially viable, and is value added, you are ready to begin to plan for it. Some of the tasks required in this stage are: Choosing a designer for your preliminary design options, finalizing a detailed work scope and budget, making an options list that you can add to or take away from the work scope, Narrowing down your design options, preliminary material selections, Interviewing remodelers

Project Planning Services Offered by the Design Build Planners:

  • Detailed Measure Service covering the existing and proposed areas for the project*
  • Comprehensive photo survey of the existing and proposed areas, utilities, obstacles, etc.*
  • Review and/or complete profile checklists from stage 1, as well as design and investment options
  • Feasibility study
  • Provide 3 preliminary project design options
  • Detailed floor plans for each design (to scale) depicting the new space, remodeled areas, and affected existing space
  • WEARIN-KITCHEN-PLAN-3-RAY-h-300x2023D, color dollhouse overviews for each design of the new and/or remodeled space
  • 3D, color rendered elevation views for each design of new and/or remodeled space
  • In process web meeting to review the progress of the development
  • Anticipated start and completion dates
  • Complete work scope for the main project broken into more than 45 distinct project categories
  • Accurate investment budget listed to coincide with all the project categories
  • List of suggested +/- options to the work scope and budget
  • Personalized Project Portfolio to organize and store documentation for each stage
  • In Person Book Review the entire portfolio*
  • Introduction of Preferred Remodeler Program: Companies that have undergone a detailed screening process and are vetted by the Design Build Planners
  • Discussion of “next step” actions

DBPlanners Save Time: This detailed information is provided electronically and in book form in approximately 4-6 weeks

DBPlanners Save Money: Individual items offered are as low as $500. Complete Design and Development packages are available starting at $2900 with measure service at $500. In partnership with Preferred Remodelers and/or Showroom Partners, Development package fees ultimately cost nothing!

Stage 3: Pre-Production

sign-agreement-small-300x199This critical stage is where many things are finalized and you prepare your family and home for the remodeling project. Some of the tasks that take place in this stage include: Finalizing your design plan, hiring a remodeler, completion of construction documents, submitting permits, finalizing most product selections and special order materials, clearing the work and staging zones for the project.

Pre-Production Services Offered by the Design Build Planners:

  • Advanced design and development of project plan and 3D views
  • Remodeler Comparison chart to finalize your best-suited remodeler
  • In-home interviews of potential remodelers*
  • Trade Partner check lists
  • Permitting assistance*
  • Architectural services*
  • Variance applications and assistance (when required)*
  • VIP Product selection services
  • Trade Partner discounts on many materials
  • Product selection review
  • Pre-Production walkthroughs*
  • Pack-up and organizational services
  • Temporary storage solutions

DBPlanners Saves Time: Remodeler and Product selection processes are well-defined, and proven to speed up the selection duration.

DBPlanners Saves Money: The Design Build Planners pass their industry discounts along to homeowners, saving hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars

Stage 4: Build the Project!

Design-Build-Remodeling-Addition--300x167Congratulations! You have taken the steps and prepared for the last few months, and you are ready to build the project. This critical stage is going to determine how the project will look and last over the long-hall. It also establishes what your relationship with your remodeler will be going forward. Some of the items that the Design Build Planners can help you with include:

  • Ground rules for clear, continuous communication and updates
  • Cloud-based project management solutions
  • Complete documentation protocols
  • Meetings (in-person and/or web) with production staff to discuss progress, pending items and issues
  • Dust protection inspection
  • Work safety inspections
  • Site visits for work site cleanliness and craftsmanship inspection*
  • Take in-process pictures for documentation
  • Substantial completion walkthrough*
  • Take final after pictures

DBPlanners Save Time: Weekly progress is documented, accountability is assigned, and milestones are tracked, leading to improved performance, efficiency, and completion time

DBPlanners Saves Money: Open communication minimizes costly mistakes, and reduces the “extras” that you are typically charged for. When things are well run, you do not need to lose productivity at work or take personal days to manage your project.

Stage 5: Post-Production Follow-up

Now that your project is complete, it is important to make sure that your documentation and warranties are in order, final inspections are completed, and furniture comes in. There is no such thing as “maintenance free”, so you need to plan for preventative maintenance to ensure the mechanicals, appliances, and workmanship lasts a long time. Our follow-up services help make sure you enjoy your new remodeled space!

  • Video slideshow that documents the progress from before, through design, in process, onto completionInspection-200x300
  • Final walkthrough*
  • 12 and 24 month project anniversary inspections for preventative maintenance
  • Access to VIP discounts with trade partners for future products
  • Complimentary “ask the expert” service for home related questions
  • Complimentary consultations for future projects
  • Handyman services*
  • Referral network program

DBPlanners Save Time: We help move the last few steps to complete the project along, which can typically drag out longer than they should. Preventative inspections find potential problems BEFORE they occur, making the need for repairs minimal, and less time consuming.

DBPlanners Saves Money: There is always something on your home to-do list that needs to be done, whether it is the next big project, some general maintenance, or a do-it-yourself weekend project. We provide you the network to get these items done for the lowest possible investment.

* Available in many, but not all areas. Contact the Design Build Pros to find out if this service is available in your area.

Preview our unique design and development process illustrated in this slide show:

Remodeling project design and development service


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