Selecting a Washer and Dryer for Your Laundry Room

Selecting a Washer and Dryer for Your Laundry Room

Washing machine.Before you remodel your laundry room, make sure the washer and dryer you have, or are purchasing, will fit the space you planned. You should also be aware of what your needs are and how much laundry you actually do. If you have a large family requiring daily laundering, you will need something distinctly different from a single person or a couple with no children. Deciding what you need will determine what size of washer and dryer you need, what cycle options are important, and if you are energy-conscious. There are several options and model availabilities to meet whatever requirements you have.

Check off the main points you have want for your washing machine and dryer. Before looking for a new set for your laundry room make a final decision on the size and style, capacity, temperature availability, energy efficiency and cycles.

Selecting a Washer and Dryer for Your Laundry Room (2)-Design Build Planners If you are really serious about your purchases, read Consumer Reports that rate washer and dryer pairs based on noise levels, efficiency and cost. They check how gentle a washing machine is on clothes as well as its energy efficiency. Consumer Reports test noise and vibration levels and compare cycle times. Consumer Reports concludes that front-loaders take more time to wash clothes than do top loaders, and this might cause a laundry back-up.

Stackable washer dryer units are perfect if you have little space. They are less than 33 inches square and are very accessible. A stacked unit could be useful if you have difficulty bending or stooping. Install your stacked units at least 15 inches off the floor. Higher stacking will make unloading and loading comfortable.

Selecting a Washer and Dryer for Your Laundry Room (3)-Design Build PlannersStackable units can be top loading or front loading. Front loading pairs do tend to make the dryer higher and less accessible, but they are still good options if you are putting your washer and dryer in a small space like a closet or a hallway. Front loaders, on the other hand, will save space plus allow for height and convenience. Price and space will be the deciding factors, of course.

Selecting a Washer and Dryer for Your Laundry Room (4)-Design Build PlannersFront loading washers and dryers perform better than some high-efficiency top loaders. Front loaders are the most expensive of all washer/dryer options, but they do provide addition storage space on their tops. If you stack your front loading machines, your washer will be at eye level that makes it easy to find lost items. A big plus for front loaders is the lower amount of water they require, they have a smaller carbon footprint and come in lots of awesome colors.

Since front loaders were first popular about ten years ago, manufacturers have tackled the big issue that stopped the machines from being perfect. Loss of perfection was the mold and mildew problems from standing water. Now you have anti-bacterial surfaces, improved drainage, and automatic door propping devices.

Front loaders have larger tubs that offer superior cleaning using far less water than even the best top-loaders. Moisture extraction in the spin cycle is vastly improved which means shorter and less costly drying times. Most, if not all, front loaders offer Energy Star certifications, stainless steel drums and glass doors.

3d washing machine - energy efficiencyGlass fronts are always installed in front loading washers. Glass fronts can be fun if you love to watch your clothes getting cleaned. For practical reasons, a class door prevents the user from trying to open the door while the machine is running. Some people like to glance at their washing machine to see if it is packed with clothes. If so, you know it is time to move the wet clothes to the dryer.

If you love your front loader but hate the stooping, consider a pedestal that comes with your model. These raise the machine off the floor and eliminate stooping. You will also have the added benefit of storage space for detergents and other laundry accessories. You can purchase front loaders that steam and sanitize and have twelve wash settings. Many models come in white, metallic, red, blue and yellow. Match a red washing and dryer set to a white laundry room. That would be stunning.

Under the counter washers and dryers fit beautifully in a newly remodeled laundry room. Usually, under the counter washers, and dryers are front loading with a counter top built across the washer and dryer tops. You now have your washer and dryer out of the way and an extra storage space in your laundry room. An under-the-counter washer and dryer set looks “put-together and classy.

Top loading washers are still good machines. They are less expensive than front-loaders, and some are made with high efficiencies. Most are Energy Star certified. You can still find great used top-loading washers. They are easy to fix, and mechanisms are easy to find. You will not have the mold and water problems in a top-loader as you do in a front loader. If you are looking for reliability and space is no problem, go for a less-expensive top loader in your remodeled laundry room.

Most top loading models sell in the $300 or $500 range. You can always lift the lid and put in more clothes while the washing is doing its job. You do need to allow the drum to stop spinning before reaching inside, however. You simply drop your clothes in from the top, and there is no bending required. This is a huge plus if you have back problems.

Do note that top loaders use an additional 7,000 gallons of water per year compared to front-loading machines. High water use is somewhat environmentally unfriendly and increases utility bills.

3d washing machine - energy efficiencyHomeowners report that it is a toss-up between the noise of a top-loader and the noise of a front loader. Some front-loading machines sound like airplanes revving up when they spin, and some top-loaders bounce around the floor if they are “unbalanced.” Where your newly remodeled laundry room is situated in your home could be the deciding factor on what type of laundry pair you purchase.

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