Selecting the Best TV for Your Home

NJ remodeling with TV selection (1)When it comes to selecting the best TV among all the TV options available today from flat screen television, high definition TV, interactive television, to smart TV, bigger is not always better, however, smaller isn’t either. So, to be able to choose the right television for your home, you’d have to consider certain parameters such as picture quality and television viewing distance. The tips below would be of help:

Size and Position

NJ remodeling with TV selection (2)To choose the best TV for you home, begin by measuring the viewing distance in order to determine the right size. Once you know the where the television will be set up, the ideal diagonal size is always a half of the television viewing distance. To watch a modern TV comfortably, everybody should have a relatively direct view of the screen.

Also, consider the room lighting and windows when deciding where to place the television as they will reflect light on the TV, which makes it watching it seem kind of distracting.

Picture quality

The resolution of the television is important. Most new televisions today are high definition TVs with clear, sharp pictures. There are TV options in this regard – 720p HD or 1080p HD.

Special Features

NJ remodeling with TV selection (3)You may or may not care about the brand but there should be special features such as the sound quality – turning up the volume doesn’t really improve the sound quality, so be sure to have that checked out. Also, you wouldn’t want to drift to sleep only to wake up and find that your TV has been on all night – Sleep Timer should be included. Additionally, display modes and connectivity such as USB might interest you as these things can come in handy these days.

The following should not be left behind as well:

  • The refresh rate of the television. Check the refresh rate – a low refresh rate will make watching action movies or sports kind of jerky.
  • Satellite TV or Cable TV accessibility, although modern televisions today are interactive television and smart TV so they come equipped with these capabilities.

After all of these, don’t forget that once you have selected one television by applying these tips and mount it in your home, you are not going to be comparing it with dozens of other televisions out there because you actually selected the best for you home – it’s going to look great and worth enjoying. Below are some additional TV photos.

NJ remodeling with TV selection (4)   NJ remodeling with TV selection (5)   NJ remodeling with TV selection (6)

NJ remodeling with TV selection (7)   NJ remodeling with TV selection (8)   NJ remodeling with TV selection (9)

NJ remodeling with TV selection (10)   NJ remodeling with TV selection (11)     NJ remodeling with TV selection (12)

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