Selecting a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel

Selecting a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel

Selecting a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel (1)-Design Build PlannersSelecting a toilet for your bathroom remodel can leave you feeling out of touch if you don’t know how much toilets have changed. Technology is everywhere; even in your toilet. Toto toilet or Kohler toilets have become the rage because they look elegant, come in a variety of colors, and in different height sizes. Before you go in for your bathroom remodel make sure you know what your needs are and why you are getting a bathroom remodel. Is it because your old toilet no longer looks aesthetic and neither does it function properly? Do you want to remodel your toilet because you require an accessible toilet for someone who is going through health issues?

Selecting a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel (2)-Design Build PlannersToto toilets are the most popular toilets as the company has modeled them based on the needs of the consumer. Thus, consumers have many options and designs to select an efficient toilet that matches bathroom space. Toilet designing is almost a creative art form. Along with attractive colors the shapes have undergone major changes. If you want to add color to your white or black toilet choose a colored seat. Toto toilet offers a wide range of toilets for a bathroom remodel. Toto toilets were the pioneers in making water efficient toilets and they also have a dual flush system variety for long or short flushes.

Toilets come in three basic designs, the one piece toilet, two piece toilet and tankless toilet. Depending on your bathroom size you could select a one piece toilet for a smaller bathroom. Tankless toilets do not have a tank inside the bathroom but water is supplied through the direct line.

 Kohler makes one of the most well designed accessories for the toilet. Kohler bathroom fixtures have modernistic looks. Their sinks, bathtubs, faucets are streamlined and have minimalistic designs that can give your bathroom a total facelift.

Accessible toilets are designed according to requirements and can even be made wheel chair accessible. You can also have a toilet that is in a separate space. If there is a major health issue then the luxury accessible toilets come with a ceiling tract lift to make toilet use easy and comfortable for the handicapped or the infirm.

Selecting a Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel (3)-Design Build Planners If you are not sure about selecting a toilet for your bathroom remodel then get a professional plumbing house to help you pick the toilet, faucet, sink and any other accessories you would like installed. They have the know how and also the experience to get you a toilet that best suits your needs. Toto toilets may be the most reliable toilets but if you get a design that does not fit your bathroom it could be disastrous. It would be difficult to use and would spoil the entire look of your bathroom causing the remodeling to look unprofessional. Fixtures must match the overall look of the bathroom go with the sink and the bathtub or shower space. Kohler fixtures are as good as art and would definitely add value to your bathroom.


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