Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home

Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home

Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home (1)-Design Build PlannersExterior doors are more than just an entry way into a house. They are a security feature, protecting the occupants from intruders. They are a barrier from the elements, sealing in the dry warmth while keeping out the wet and the cold. But exterior doors are also a major focal point of the exterior of a house. A beautiful exterior door will set the tone for the entire look of the outside of the house. On the interior, a beautiful exterior door will create a stylish entryway to welcome guests.

Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home (5)-Design Build PlannersWhen choosing an exterior door in NJ, it is not only important to choose one that is visually appealing, but also one that is strong, durable, and energy efficient.

Selecting an exterior door is more than just choosing one that is a pretty color that fits the frame. The door has to fit all the other needs of the house as well.   There different types of doors to consider and choose from: fiberglass door, steel insulated doors and wooden entry doors. Knowing about the benefits of the materials used to make the door will help in the selection process when purchasing a door.

Fiberglass doors

Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home (2)-Design Build PlannersFiberglass doors are lightweight, durable, secure and long lasting. They require very little care because they are damage resistant meaning they will not scratch, dent or crack easily. Fiberglass doors also do not warp over time and are easy to paint and care for. A fiberglass door is easy to install. They are the most energy efficient and can withstand all types of weather. Fiberglass doors are beautiful in design and can make any entryway elegantly stylish. Fiberglass doors can be made to look smooth like steel doors or grainy like wooden doors and can be easily painted.

Steel insulated doors

Selecting a Door for Your New Jersey Home (4)-Design Build PlannersSteel insulated doors are beautiful, durable and secure doors that are also long lasting.   They are very energy efficient and can withstand any type of weather. Steel insulated doors require some maintenance and care.   While they can scratch and dent, a steel insulated door will not warp or crack over time.   Steel insulated doors have a smooth finish that can be easily painted or stained. The doors can be custom made to fit almost any entry way and are easy to install.

Wooden entry doors

SONY DSCWooden entry doors have a beautiful grain texture that can be easily painted or stained. While wooden doors dent and scratch easily, the scratches can be easily repaired. Maintenance work is required because wooden doors can warp and crack over time. Of the three types of doors, wooden doors are the least energy efficient.

An exterior door will not only give your home a great look for many years, but it will also provide comfort, safety, warmth and protection. A beautiful exterior door will add beauty and elegance to a home for many years. Selecting the right type of exterior door for your NJ home is a critical part of home design and maintenance.

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