Selecting a Coffee Maker for Your Kitchen

For many people, the first task performed every morning is the act of making coffee.

versare il caffè caldo nella tazzina biancaEven if you are personally not a coffee drinker, chances are your partner (or, at minimum) someone you know is! And, if straight black coffee is not your thing, then perhaps espresso or French Press is more to your liking? It’s clear that choosing the right coffee maker for your newly remodeled kitchen is a big decision.

So many questions! What brand should you get? So many things to consider! Color, style, and type of coffee maker are all things to think about.

The first thing to know are the different types of coffee makers on the market today. They are percolators, automatic drips, French press, and espresso makers.

A percolator has been around for a long time but many people still swear by them due to the fact that they offer such consistent brewing. A positive aspect of the percolator is the fact that they have a detachable cord (on the electric models) that make cleaning easier. They can offer a retro, vintage look to your new kitchen that hearkens back to a more nostalgic time.

Automatic drip coffee makers are convenient as they allow for the brew to start at the flip of a switch. They are programmable and fast. Most have a warming element that keeps the coffee drinkable for a longer period of time.

A French press coffee maker is made of stainless steel or glass parts and requires more skill from the maker than those models previously mentioned. The French press offers more control over water temperature and brewing time. It does not require electricity and many coffee purists claim it offers a purer, richer flavor.

An espresso machine produces a gourmet coffee that is often only found in specialty brewing establishments. By owning your own espresso machine, you would be able to give your kitchen a stylish, professional look and feel…while saving yourself a lot of money from expensive espresso stands!

Once you choose what type of coffee maker you want, it’s just as important to take in to account the style of your home and, more importantly, your kitchen.

Is your kitchen sleek and modern? Then a stainless steel and glass model would be well-suited to maintain the look. Is your kitchen more eclectic with a lived-in “homey” look? Then a vintage-style maker would be more suitable and would bring a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen.

Selecting a Coffee Maker for Your Kitchen (2)-Design Build PlannersWhatever type of coffee maker you choose, it’s important to choose a unit that has the look and design that fits best with your kitchen. Think of it as another fixture that makes up the decor of the room. As it will most likely be out and in the open the majority of the time, it’s important to choose something that will complement the appliances and cabinets so that the coffeemaker does not detract from the look you are trying to achieve in your home.


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