Screen Room Addition for Your Home

Screen Room Addition for Your Home

screen room addition - Design Build Planners (1)Bringing the outdoors inside is a frequent request from homeowners considering an addition project. One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is by adding a screen room to your home. There’s more to it than just the extra space—it’s the privacy you have, the additional functionality while being able to ward off the sun and rain (the two season screen room) and still being able to enjoy the beauty of nature. A screen room is often considered not only as a ‘home improvement’ but also as a ‘life improvement.’

screen room addition - Design Build Planners (2)Screen rooms, be it a screened porch or a screened deck- can either be a standalone place in the backyard or something that’s attached to your home. Your screen room could have removable or sliding windows or no windows at all, if that’s what you want, but before you create one, you need to plan and get professional help to create the kind of space that you’re looking for. Here are some tips to get you going.

Get the right location

screen room addition - Design Build Planners (3)Having the screen room near rooms that are often used, generally don’t go wrong, especially if it’s adjacent to the kitchen. However do ensure that by creating a screen room near the kitchen, you don’t leave the kitchen in the dark by blocking all natural light. Consider the sun’s direction and when you’re going to use the room, plan placing an outdoor grill in the correct spot (check which direction the breeze blows before doing so.) Just think what a magical effect such a screen room will have during mealtimes.

Choose the right material

screen room addition - Design Build Planners (5)Any extra room you add to the house must complement the rest of the home, otherwise it will be the ‘odd-man-out’ and stick out like a sore thumb. That goes for the materials that are used in the room as well. If you can find materials that don’t require a lot of maintenance, then that’s the best thing that could happen. You do have a variety to choose from—some expensive, some not so, but think of it as an investment and go in for something that will stand up to the elements. All weather furniture could be a good bet. Porcelain tiles or slate is good for the flooring. Bugs and insects can come up through the wooden deck boards, unless of course you’re using porcelain tiles. Fiberglass screens will help keep those crawly insects at bay.

So whether you’re drinking that early morning cup of coffee, enjoying an iced drink in the afternoon or just drinking in the amazing sunset, screen rooms are great spots. Add value to your home by adding one.


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