Home Improvement and Remodeling Sales Representative and Agent Opportunity

Do you work directly with a network of homeowners? Or have a database of homeowner contacts? If so, you may be eligible to offer the Design Build Planners products and services to homeowners anywhere in the United States.

Earn an extra income with very little effort!

The Design Build Planners are ONLY interested in ultra-professionals to offer a unique, highly-interactive, value-packed service that has become quite popular with both homeowners, remodelers, and builders.You do not need experience in the building, remodeling, design, or architectural fields to be considered.

Save time and money with the Design Build PlannersPLUS the Design Build Planners are seeking an experienced home improvement sales rep for New Jersey.

Submit your contact information here for initial consideration.

Be prepared to submit a resume and references.

Preview an overview of one of the DBP products in a 5.5 minute video slide show:

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