Roof Top Cupola

Roof Top Cupola


Roof Cupola - Design Build Planners (1)The cupola originated in Europe, they were put on top of the Cathedrals. The cupola allowed light to enter.

The earlier cupolas that were atop the Cathedrals were larger than the ones we see today. The would normally have a balcony. The balcony is where they would announce daily prayer.

Cupolas also allowed the snow to fall off the roof in European states keeping the roof from caving. Most Islamic and European states you passed through during earlier times had cupolas scattered throughout the country. The cupola wasn’t introduced to America until 1815.

Modern Cupola

Many houses that are being renovated will have a cupola. You will also see them on older barns. Even the White House has a cupola atop of it.

It is a great roof vent for older barns that are still being used. Houses use them for more for decoration. Many houses will have a weathervane atop the cupola.

Some smaller churches have a cupola. A cross will be atop the cupola. While some of them will have a bell in them as well.

Cupolas decreased in popularity because people began to think that use of them was no longer needed. People began getting air in their home as well as lights. They felt they no longer needed the ventilation and natural light source.

It is still a good idea to have a cupola on your home. It will allow more moisture to be removed from the air by the proper ventilation.

They can be used on the roof also. They are a great source of natural light and make excellent decoration for new homes. Many of them will be in the family room or master bedroom.

New homes that are equipped with a loft will generally have a cupola. The cupola is for the use of lighting the attic since they are frequently built with no source of light.

Bigger homes have windows will have windows in larger homes. They will also have a ceiling fan in the middle. Some of the high-end homes will have windows that open by remote. The ceiling fan is supposed to pull the hot air out to keep the house cooler.

Gazebos will have a cupola. Generally people place a fan in the cupola of the gazebo. Many of them will also have a weathervane on the top.

They can be purchased at most stores that sell building materials. They can be bought pre-built or you can buy a kit that comes with everything to build your own. There’s also many places you can get the blueprints to build your own from scratch. The two principal materials used to make cupolas nowadays are vinyl and wood.


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