Rococo Interior Design

Rococo Interior Design

Originating in Italy in the mid 18th Century and at the height of the Rococo period, Rococo Interior Design is recognizable by it’s often over the top, flamboyant themes that recur throughout a home and or room. Often utilizing ornate and intricate pieces as a way to add style to a room, Rococo styling is often associated with a rich lifestyle, one of luxury and independent wealth.

Rococo design can often be seen in ball rooms in European palaces, with characteristic chandeliers hanging from ceilings, tall mirrors that reflect the light throughout the area and ornate molding that may extend from the floors, up walls, across ceilings and back down the other wall to the floor again. The flamboyance of the design makes rococo a style that does not appeal to everyone, and due to the intricate nature of the trappings can often make it unaffordable to many. It is not uncommon in a Rococo themed room to find gilt highlights, or perhaps silver trim on doors, furniture and windows. Additionally, rococo interior design often makes use of more than just a designer with a sharp eye. Many times the intricacy requires the attention of skilled craftspeople who can carve ornate designs into wood, paint walls, ceilings and other surfaces that may have extremely fine details, and lay floors (primarily wood) of high quality materials that will need an opulent finish on them.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and appealing features of rococo interior design is the fact that there rarely occurs symmetry in the design of a room. This means that throughout the room, one can continue to discover design elements that may not recur throughout the rest of the room. It can allow for a door to be off center in a room, so as to allow more wall space to work with and create the designs that will draw the eye to that part of the space. It also allows for influences from many different regions to occupy the same room in order to create an overall air of elegance. Rococo, while first introduced by the Italians, will frequently use Asian inspirations to achieve its asymmetry and make each room unique, truly unlike any other room in the world.

As stated, rococo interior design, due to its extremely distinct styling, may not be for everyone but will likely appeal to those people who enjoy entertaining. People who want to have formal events in their home and make their guests feel that they are living a life of luxury. As a result, if considering rococo interior design as an option for your home or office, make certain that it is what you want as it is going to take an investment of time and money to execute your Rococo designs.

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