Residential Solar Power Battery

Residential Solar Power Battery

Energy efficient constructionThe need for alternative sources of power continues to grow as the drain on the current electrical grid continues to grow congruently. In recent years, many businesses and home owners have discovered the benefits of using natural resources to harness energy. One such source of natural energy is solar power, or power derived from the sun’s energy. Solar energy has come a long way since its beginning. While solar panels are still widely being used and are very effective, they have their drawbacks in that energy is not captured on cloudy or rainy days. It is only when the sun is shining that the panels are able to absorb the sun’s energy. One company has attempted to solve this problem. Tesla Motors, the maker of the luxury electric sedans, is beginning its own research into an alternative way to capture the renewable energy of the sun.

Solar panel on the desert sands.

Tesla Motors is facing the challenge of obtaining solar energy while the sun is not shining head-on. This company has developed a model of lithium-ion battery systems that will aid home owners, business owners, and utility companies in capturing and using a much less expensive form of energy. The battery packs would affix to the outside of the home or business, as well as battery blocks to smooth out the grid. There are many benefits to using lithium-ion batteries.

First, they are usually much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size. The terminal of a lithium-ion battery is made of lithium and carbon, which are both light weight. Lithium also reacts quickly, which means that a lot of energy can be stored quickly.

Secondly, lithium-ion batteries hold their charge very well. These batteries only lose about 5% of their charge each month.

Third, lithium-ion batteries do not have “memory”, so there is no need to erase or discharge them before recharging.

Residential solar power battery - Design Build PlannersLastly, lithium-ion batteries can handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

All of these features make lithium-ion batteries a wise, economical, and eco-friendly choice for power supply. And perhaps you are unsure what a lithium-ion battery looks like… just look at the battery in one of your electronic devices, such as your cell phone.

The new battery called the Powerwall, would sell for about $3,500.00. The battery composite comes from the batteries Tesla Motors uses for its Model S vehicles. Once purchased, the device would be installed by professional technicians. The batteries will communicate to Tesla’s home base via the Internet. It is possible to connect up to 9 battery packs to be able to store more power. So, this is great news if the power goes out. You, and any others that have the Powerwall, will still have power, while most likely all others will be in the dark.

Tesla Motors is creating a new way to receive naturally-derived power. They are making leaps and bounds in the power industry. With their continued research and development, as well as other companies in the market, perhaps in the near future we will all live off these revolutionary battery packs.

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