Remodeling with Feng Shui

Franca-Giuliani-feng-shui-environmental-advisorDESIGNING A HOME OR REMODELING?
Enhance the Process with Feng Shui.
Feng shui is an ancient philosophy regarding how we relate to our spaces. By applying feng shui principles to your home, you can transform and achieve harmony, balance and success throughout many aspects of your life. Franca Giuliani, specializing in feng shui, can provide homeowners, working with the Design Build Planners, personal insight as to what are the best colors, shapes, and materials for your specific project.

Franca is a member of the Design Build Planners project design and sales staff. She will assist with your Feng Shui home remodeling aspects. Franca can also peforrm energy clearing and professional organizing. She is also well versed in 9 star ki astrology.


Contact the Design Build Planners today to coordinate a consultation with Franca to discover the possibilities for YOUR home.


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