Remodeling Timelines

Remodeling Timelines

DBP calender guyThis is a guest blog done by Kathi Fleck of LoneStar Property Solutions. You can read an interview she had previously done with Design Build Planners here.

“Since remodeling is not an exact science, the best I can give them is an estimate.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel…Relax!

Remodeling your home can bring out an array of emotions. However, the experience should be mostly positive. Keeping in mind that a remodeling timeline and cost is merely an estimate can help avoid unnecessary stress and frustration during the process. This way, you’ll have a smoother, more enjoyable experience. There are many reasons why it is often impossible to give an exact time for project completion. However, an estimate will come as close as possible and can give you a clear idea of how long the project might take.

Every Project is Unique

Design Build Planners design consultationEach and every project is unique to the home itself, as well as who it’s being designed for. Because of this, even an expert cannot always fully predict the exact cost and time needed. With so many choices available, there is a wide variation in materials used. Measurements, types of appliances, and what will fit into the given space are also a factor in the time and cost. Sometimes there are also hidden issues underneath old materials that may not be seen until they are removed.

Dealing With Changes

While doing a project, there are times when materials need to be changed, extra ideas are added in, issues are uncovered, people change their minds, and so on. Whether the change is related to design choices, material availability, hidden issues, or otherwise, it can be stressful for the homeowner. Going into the project prepared for this to potentially happen can help you stay calm. Focus on the end result. If you get through the remodel without any changes at all, that gives you even more to be happy about.

Understanding Delays

On time remodeling project guarantee - Design Build PlannersDelays will happen. There are so many causes of them that it’s probably impossible to account for all that could occur. While contractors will do their best to meet an end date, it’s not always realistically possible. Some delays are minor and others are more costly and time-consuming. When unforeseen events occur, your contractor should do his or her best to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. At times it may take longer than desired to be sure that the work done is done in the best way possible.

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Flexibility is Key

When creating a project timeline with your contractor, it can help to leave some wiggle room in the completion deadline. Also, if possible, leave some wiggle room in the budget. That way, if things don’t go as planned, you’ll be prepared. If you’re unable to do that, try to be as flexible as possible. In turn, your contractor should be able to do the same. Set a start and end date from the start. However, don’t forget that those dates and costs are simply an estimate and may have to change some as the project comes to fruition. Sometimes, they actually change for the better, in quality and style, in cost, or in the time it takes to finish.

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