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Training Tools Red Toolbox Learning New Success SkillsRemodelers, is your work top quality, but yet you struggle with the sales end of your business? Many remodeling companies, remodeling sales representatives, and project designers have struggled to sell effectively at pre-2007 levels.

Design Build Planners will be publishing a monthly newsletter dedicated improving remodeling sales. The goal is help remodelers sell more and faster, but the end result will lead to a better, more pleasant and professional remodeling experience for homeowners. If you experience some or all of these you should sign up for this free E-newsletter:

  • low inquiry to sales conversion
  • long, extended sales cycles
  • free research and/or design hours that leads nowhere
  • projects that lead to headaches and/or compromised profits


While we cover all types of remodeling sales, our specialty and main focus is design build remodeling sales. Each newsletter will include these components and more:

  • sales tips and strategies
  • marketing advice
  • sales success stories
  • answers to submitted sales questions


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arrow - downSimply fill out the form below to receive the monthly e-newsletter. Include any sales questions or comments. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to read some remodeling sales quotes from Remodeldamus.

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