Remodeling Project Protection

Remodeling Project Protection

Zip Wall dust protection - Design Build PlannersImagine thinking the following scenario…

“Once again we were ready to do some remodeling. Our home had some much needed renovation work which we were about to tackle. But – – I remembered the last time when we were working on installing the kitchen cabinets. What a conglomeration of dirt, saw dust and confusion that was. How on earth were we going to avoid a repeat performance of that scenario?”


Floor and stair protection - Design Build PlannersThere are products out there that help with those types of problems; they are known as zip walls or dust containment products. There are dust protection kits and surface shields that can make the whole renovation job a walk in the park! The rolls of surface shield are available in various sizes such as 18-48″ x 100-200′. They are sturdy and easily spread out to cover floors, carpets, furniture, etc. Many of them are self adhesive and can be used in as many instances as you have the imagination, even to the ability to block air vents or heating ducts which certainly don’t need to be filled with dust and debris from all your hard work. I can just see turning on the heat and having a cloud of renovation leftovers sailing through the air during dinner!


dust and debris protection - Design Build Planners (1)So the job needs a bit more than a plastic sheet on the floor. The dust containment kits are for easily constructed walls and usually have 4 poles anywhere from 12-20′ in length with adjustment features. The plastic sheeting is strong and durable, preventing most punctures or tears. There are normally two zippers which are adhesive-backed and can be placed between sheets of plastic so that the entrance and exit from the work area is totally accessible without difficulty. Then there is a dust bag to place everything in when the job is complete. What a convenience that is – no more piles of dust and debris that has to be swept from every possible nook or cranny to be found in the remodeling area. Just erect a room-within-the-room to catch all the debris and then when you are finished, just roll it up or place it in the dust bag to dispose of all that messy cleanup stuff.


carpet protection - Design Build PlannersSo if you have been through a renovation that was a cleanup fiasco, you need to try one of these incredible dust containment kits to put the finishing touches on your remodel. Once you have tried the dust containment kit you will realize that someone else put quite a bit of thought into how to make remodel jobs a zip and that is probably why they included the self-adhesive zippers. So let today’s project turn into a memorable experience in a way that will make you look like a pro instead of being a part of a head-shaking, laughable disaster, even though the results may have been a wonder to behold!

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