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Neil Parsons Design Build PlannersRecently, conducting a sales training class made me think of one of my favorite jokes related to the remodeling industry. Joke telling is actually an exercise that I apply to my training. Telling a joke well requires the same attributes as a good sales presentation: knowledge, confidence, timing and delivery.

I apologize in advance if any part of this joke offends you based on your heritage, religion…or profession.

Here is the remodeling industry joke:

Painting contractors and remodelers - Design Build PlannersThe Pope wanted to have parts of the Vatican painted so he decided to get three estimates. The first estimate was from a Polish painter. His quote was $10,000. The Pope thought that was a very low bid and was concerned that the job wouldn’t be done well. Nevertheless, he thanked the Polish painter and told him he would get back to him after the two other estimates.

The second estimate came from an Italian painter. It was for $20,000. This was more in line with what the Pope was thinking. Plus he was enthused to hire a local Italian painter thinking of the wonderful work Michelangelo had done centuries ago! Still, the Pope had vowed to get a third estimate regardless.

Painting and remodeling the VaticanThe last estimate was from a Jewish painter. His quote was for $30,000. The Pope exclaimed, “WOW! That is extremely higher than I was expecting. Why is your quote so much?” The Jewish painter replied, “Pope, it is quite simple. $10K for me, a $10K kickback to you, and $10K for the Polish guy to do the work.”


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