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When it came time to finally make some changes to our website and beef up our online marketing efforts, we went to the guys who we knew could produce results for us.

Consult With the Experts

Joe Hughes and his team at Contractor Dynamics are located in Asbury Park, New Jersey and provide marketing and consulting services for builders, contractors, and remodeling companies.  As everyone knows, web and marketing agencies are in no short supply.

But what makes Contractor Dynamics unique is that they have a deep understanding of the contracting industry and create marketing strategies to help builders and contractors actually grow their businesses.  Joe spent a decade in the construction industry, so he’s no stranger to the ins and outs of contracting.

Our Old Website

Our old website, pictured below, was not bad at all.  In fact, we had built it over the past couple years into quite a robust site (over 500 pages of content!).  However, we realize we need to constantly adapt in order to grow our business and become a leader in our market, so we contacted Contractor Dynamics.

Design Build Planners Old Site

Design Build Planners Old Site

Our New Website

Rather than just make some changes to the old site, Joe and his team recommended we build a new site using Responsive Web Design, which means a site that is optimized for viewing on any computer screen, tablet, or smart phone.  After checking our website analytics, we realized that around 35% of our website visitors are viewing our site on a mobile device.  Choosing to go with a new responsive website was a no-brainer for us, as we want to make sure we’re providing the best possible experience for all of our visitors.

The result is the site you are on now.  It’s a bit more modern, clean, and faster than the old site.

DBP Responsive Website Showcase 2

DBP Responsive Website Showcase

We think you’ll agree that the website looks great and it’s nice and easy to navigate.

But That’s Not All…

We are also working closely with Contractor Dynamics to develop a lot more content on a regular basis.  We love to create interesting and informative content to educate homeowners and remodelers about Design Build Planners and the remodeling industry. The industry-specific content also helps us attract new visitors and potential clients to our website and our business.

Currently, we are publishing about 8 blog posts per month on our site, in addition to regularly updating project photos, remodeling designs, and client testimonials.

Results-Oriented Contractor Marketing

If you’re a builder, contractor, or remodeler and you’re looking to attract more qualified opportunities for your business on a more consistent basis with a modern construction website, we recommend getting in touch with Joe and his team at Contractor Dynamics to see if they can help.


They are super responsive and have a strong work ethic – qualities that we very much appreciate here at Design Build Planners.

You can contact Contractor Dynamics for all your web and marketing needs using the form below.

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