Remodeldamus Speaks

Training Tools Red Toolbox Learning New Success SkillsNeil Parsons, of the Design Build Planners, is a remodeling professional with decades of experience in the construction industry. His life and work has provided many perspectives from all vantage points. Below are a few of his coined phrases, advice, and observations under the alter ego and pseudonym Remodeldamus. Bookmark this page and check back, as classic and new phrases will be added regularly.

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Trust the system. The system never fails. However, we fail the system…often.

The difference between URGENCY and CHAOS is having a system and a plan.

Just because it’s business, don’t neglect using please, thank you, & you’re welcome on phone or in emails.

Always plan to be fair, honest, and offer mutually beneficial solutions. This often leads to many REWARDS for all.


In business you can be a Leader, Follower, or Lone Wolf. It doesn’t matter which as long as you’re successful.

You can’t discuss, debate, or argue with those confidently ignorant, as you will never win.

When opportunity knocks will you answer the door or close the blinds and hide?

Many “talk” about wanting to make more money as opposed to “doing” what needs to be done to make more money.

Even when it’s easy, it’s still not easy.

The customer is always right…unless they are very wrong.

Some people take a spirited discussion and debate as a “NO”…that is a big mistake!

Talk is cheap and the pen is mightier than the sword, but actions speak louder than words…so say it, commit it to writing, and then get out there and do it!

Experience without Relevance is just History

Systems are easy to teach, learn, and duplicate. Art, personality, and improvisation are not

We know that top sales people must be good listeners, but if you do not ask the right questions you may be listening to the wrong information.

If anything is done, added or changed on a project and it is not documented, approved, and signed BEFORE it happens you are taking great risks. Anyone of these risks has the potential to put a company out of business.

The early bird gets the worm and the second mouse gets the cheese, but the most clever, hard working creatures eat whatever they choose!

Always take the high road because the view is much better and there is never a lot of traffic!

If you want to be a professional remodeler your level of expectation of the product you produce MUST be higher than the client’s

A hard lesson learned is valuable, but if repeated, “valuable” turns into “costly.”

Most items on a “to do” list are opportunities, but if they remain there unaddressed, over time they become problems

Pricing additions by the square foot is like pricing cars by the pound

Make certain that your 30-second elevator speech is no longer than 15 seconds

The longer you wait to purchase something, the less time you will have to enjoy it!

The best sales presentation is given by the client with the sales person following the system and asking the right questions.

If you build it, they will come…as long as you market and promote it well

Seek out one person each day to communicate with that offers energy and enthusiasm. Recharge your battery with their juice.

Almost every problem can be traced back to a deviation from a successfully proven process

Talk is cheap and it’s amazing how many people pay a lot of money for it

Understanding, creating, and respecting a schedule leads to professionalism and making money

Most people want to speed up the process until they hear that they have to make a payment

A great salesperson is not the answer to remodeling sales. Remodeling sales is like an auto race. The salesperson is the driver and must possess skills and always be training and practicing. The company’s sales system and process are the car. A ten year old clunker is not likely to win any race…or sell quality projects. A remodeling company must have a selling system and written sales procedure in place first before thinking about hiring an outside salesperson.

In sales, the longer it takes to get a conclusion, the less valuable or desirable the result will be.

In sales, a NO is more valuable than a MAYBE

Business planning for the new year is the adult version of setting up a Risk board!

Buy low, remodel high!

Strive for success, not money, and the money will follow.

The road to success is often like an obstacle course made up of peoples’ negativity and complacency.

Have a PMA (positive mental attitude), it is attractive! It attracts good people and good results.

If you do nothing and expect others to make you look good, you will undoubtedly look bad

Sell the process, NOT the project

In sales, having the answers is easy when you know what the common questions or objections are. BE PREPARED!

The client’s perception is our reality. Therefore do all you can from the initial contact to control and create a great perception.

The most successful people and companies follow a proven system consistently. OOOPS, I have that backwards. Those that follow a proven system consistently are the most successful. 

Sales reps, you must learn to ask the right questions at the right moment or get used to asking this one: “would you like fries with that?”

A remodeling project is a lot like a baseball game. A quality remodeler can have a near perfect project going for the first 8 innings as they approach the close out. When finishing up, if they are not timely, lack attention to detail, and communication drops off, it is the same as a relief pitcher coming in from the bullpen and giving up 5 runs in the 9th inning to lose the game.

It’s official – I just checked a Thesaurus, an excuse is not a synonym for an answer.

When faced with obstacles you must choose YOUR best option: hurdle, run through, or run around…each of these get you to the goal. Sitting on the sidelines and complaining gets you nowhere.

The difference between Obstacle and Opportunity is perspective and attitude.

Only the strong survive, but ONLY the very best of them thrive!

Q: What is the secret to success? A: There is no secret. Just follow a proven system, acquire good people, and work VERY hard!

The outcome of any situation is greatly influenced by the first ingredient that you add…your attitude.

Saying something not quite right, but with great energy and enthusiasm is more effective than saying it perfect without. Just imagine the possibilities if you put the two together!

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