Referral Policy

Thank you from Design Build Planners for the referral Many of the new Design Build Planners clients come by way of referrals from previous clients. The added business is awesome, but we also get great satisfaction from referral business knowing that we do our job well enough for someone to introduce us to their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

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As a thank you for this type of new client, we have a referral policy in place.  If a homeowner refers a new client to us that orders any of our full design and development packages we will send them a $50.00 thank you gift. The referring person does not even need to be a previous client of Design Build Planners. Please note that the referral must be the initial contact and introduction to Design Build Planners. In addition, the remodeling companies in our network offer referral fees for

Thank you from Design Build Planners for the referral DBP pays for marketing efforts in a few different venues in order to obtain new clients, so we are happy to get these “free” clients and subsequently send the modest thank you gift. We have some people that do not want the $50. For those, we simply ask them for their favorite charity and send the $50 there as a donation. A recent referring homeowner suggested Save the Children as her charity of choice.

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Not a client, but you follow and are impressed with our design work and the subsequent award-winning quality projects being built? Then share our name with any of your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers that may be considering any type of home renovation project. We will all be glad that you did and will get a little spending money along the way!